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Editing and Consulting

Editorial Audience Development and Strategy

I've worked in digital publishing since the late 1990s, back when actual dinosaurs did most of the coding, and in that time I've learned a few best practices and strategies that demystify the work of creating great, high-performing editorial. I unironically love helping build amazing stuff online, and helping digital editorial teams take their stuff to the next level. My areas of expertise include social media programming, newsletter programming, blogging, editorial SEO, the mobile web, and community building and moderation.


Project Management​

I'm a true and unabashed geek for organization: Over the past 10 years I've led or managed hundreds of projects large and small as the primary editorial stakeholder for constantly-innovating teams, and I'm incapable of starting a day without opening up a project worksheet. I'm also a true believer in creating efficiencies in process, and can work with any edit team on fine-tuning their workflow to help identify and meet publishing goals.

Good Old-Fashioned Editing

I'm fast and friendly, and I really do love working with writers and editors to help get pieces shaped up and turned out well.

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