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Personal Essays and Writing on Writing

She Writes

So you say you want to write the next Handmaid's Tale...



The bad news is, women continue to face violence, discrimination, and the rollback of basic freedoms. The good news is, all of this seems to be producing some incredible works of speculative fiction. 


The Millions: Human Parts

Pop’s letters from Vietnam remind me how fiercely he fought his demons.


The Chicago Review of Books

When The Testaments arrives this fall, it will be fighting on all fronts.


Climate change is not fiction, but some of today’s most compelling writing about it is.


The Daily Beast

Why I hope you don't have a room of your own.


Huffington Post

Step 1: Commit to writing for 15 minutes every day. Step 5: Feel bitter.


Shelf Pleasure

The scary stories that don’t happen in a creaky old house down a foggy dirt lane in a creepy small town.


Huffington Post

No one on this list is cowering in a closet or stumbling through the woods in the dark.



Sometimes, doing what you love puts you in a strange position. Like trotting awkwardly across a prison yard while officers are screaming at you to run.


Writer Unboxed

Obeying the old “every page must advance the plot” adage becomes much easier when there’s a ghost chasing someone around.

A Child Grows

I got a slice of banana bread with my art.

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