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Past Events
Brooklyn Book Festival
Sunday, September 22, 1pm
North Stage, Cadman Plaza East

In discussion with Joanne Ramos (The Farm), Ernesto Quiñonez (Taína) and Angela Garbes (Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy) about pregnancy, motherhood, and autonomy in speculative fiction.

The best little feminist bookstore in western New York.

In discussion with Amy Brady. Wine and snacks and sobering facts about 

climate change included.

"Every novel about the future is really a novel about its time."


Dystopias, technology, motherhood, and climate change...but I swear I'm not a walking sad trombone all the time.


"Dystopian fiction is about hope."


"We live in a challenging time for feminism, for tolerance, for acceptance, for peace." 


Anxious Machine

Talking about the perilous intersection of motherhood and technology (where so many of us live) with Rob McGinley Myers of Anxious Machine.


Huffington Post

You can't really write a novel about motherhood without addressing the power of stories.


On writing, mothering and the perils of defining sacrifice as success.

"At some point I realized that not all the stuff I learned about when plumbing was installed in American houses should probably make it into the book."

What to Expect

The experience that inspired the first chapter of The Barter. Who needs ghosts or boogeymen or monsters when there's parenting to freak you out? 

Writer Unboxed

Obeying the old “every page must advance the plot” adage becomes much easier when there’s a ghost chasing someone around.

"It's the first accusation we seem to level at each other--it's like selfishness is the worst thing you can accuse a woman of, the biggest nuclear bomb you can drop."



Please ignore how messy my living room is.


One of the nicest things anybody ever said to me was that The Barter was “like Lorrie Moore meets Stephen King.”


Austin BookPeople

How a ghost pushing a dessert cart in New Braunfels inspired part of The Barter


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