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Essays and Stories

I've published short stories in Triquarterly, The Massachusetts Review, The Florida Review, and the young adult anthology Not Like I'm Jealous or Anything: The Jealousy Book.

I'm the author of two attempting-to-be humorous books, 30 Things Everyone Should Learn How to Do Before Turning 30 and Hipster Haiku

Why every first novel should be a ghost story. Why you should never use the number 4 in an article title. Why every writer should take a humor writing class. I seem to have gotten a little bit bossy.

I cover parenting trends, family life, and work-family balance from the front row seat of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The best freebies in Chicago, the best places to pig out, and the best places to eat farm-to-table. They always say you should write what you love.

I've written about cooking for your family, the world's scariest foods, and my lifelong hatred of beets for publications including Gourmet, Epicurious, and Yahoo Food.

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