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Family and Parenting

Apparently (Motherly + Medium)

The secret to lightening the mental and emotional workload of mothering is in your hands. Like, literally. And you hereby have permission to use it as much as you goddamn well need to.


 Until now, the thing that was most unbelievable about the world of The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t what you might think.

The Millions

Dystopian fiction is full of strong mothers, and for good reason. To be strong enough to survive, and to keep your kids alive and safe in a world that’s collapsing: That’s a true heroine.

Ms Magazine

American women don’t just lack support at work for their family lives; they lack support in almost every aspect of reproduction, from prenatal to child care.



Nothing can prepare you for losing your mother...except perhaps motherhood itself.



Take as much joy as you can scoop up, because like snow, joy is a fragile thing. It melts.



Every time technology makes our lives easier, we invent ways to make motherhood even harder.



Conflict is at the heart of all great works of fiction. Empowering the disempowered is at the heart of all great works of progress.



Are you a character in a work of dystopian fiction? Or are you just… uh, trying to deal with this whole parenting thing?


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